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online casino top games

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev at 'India TV Samvaad' in New Delhi. 
Image Source : INDIA TV

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev at 'India TV Samvaad' in New Delhi. 

Effusively praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the ongoing India TV ‘Samvaad’ Conclave here today, Yoga guru Swami Ramdev said, “At this moment I do not find even one among 140 crore Indians who can match Modi’s towering Himalayan personality and run this country. Others are like pygmies in front of him.”

Swami Ramdev said: “I am not saying that there were no great personalities in India in the past, I am also not saying that there won’t be anybody who can run India after Modi…...It is God who decides our destiny, the nation marches along with flow, but at the moment I do not see anyone who can match Modi’s personality”.

The Yoga guru was effusive in his praises, on the occasion of completion of 8 years of Modi’s governance. He said: “We are proud that we are living in a time span, where we have Modi as ‘yashaswi, tejaswi, parakrami, veer’ as our Prime Minister. He stands in valour. I am gone around the world. People used to say, earlier they never knew when our PM came and left, but whenever Modi visits their countries, it becomes a subject of discussion.”

For full interview with Swami Ramdev, please click the following link on Twitter.
Ramdev said: “Modi gave glory to India on a global scale (vaishwik gaurav). On the ground, he has transformed our roadways, ports, airports, and has helped our farmers and poor people with so many schemes. For the first time in 75 years, he is our first PM who made Yoga and Ayurveda popular. Modiji himself does yoga daily and works for 18 hours every day. He brought in New Education Policy.”

He said:  “ Modiji is like the guardian of our nation. Once I tweeted and described him as ‘dev-tulya’ (Godlike), there were many who trolled me on social media. I say, to hell with them, Modiji is doing good work. I want to tell them, will Modi come to your fields to plough? Will he come to run your shops? At least do some work. A PM’s work is to formulate good policies (Neeti), provide good leadership (Netritva) and must have good intention (Neeyat).

On opposition’s charges that the PM was silent about rise in fuel prices, Swami Ramdev said: “A Prime Minister has to run the country. Our national economy suffered during Covid pandemic, many big countries of the world also suffered, I know challenges are there, I am not shutting off my eyes. To those who are diehard critics of Modi, I want to say: ‘Name one person who is more capable than Modi, I will perform ‘saashtang’ (prostrate) in front of him”.

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